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Terminal Alliance -- The largest alliance for small and medium size retailers in China

Terminal Alliance is the pattern of “Internet + Circulation”from Eternal Asia, it connects to all the small and medium size retailers that have a common goal to organize O2O alliance。 Terminal Alliance aims to make the small and medium size retailers to transfrom to integrated future stores that combine O2O vendors, large scales sources of global commodities, media services, consumption finance services and value-added services。 The Terminal Alliacnce will completely change the muddledness situation in the chinese circulation (retail) industry。


To be unique “online + offline” (O2O) comprehensive supermarket Stores“change to” the supermarket

Sales self store's commodities online 

Offline sales and online extend to make the shopping process break through the limit of space-time and realize the self-service consumption。

To sale the global good quality  commodities from the backstage of XingLian

Receive the sales commision after sales process without inventory preparation; complement of the commodities classification from current stores; keep closely relationship between consumers and stores.

To provide the O2O service to the consumers

Actualize to put commodities on shelf from terminal stores to internet plafform, the commodities distribution can delivery to users in community in half hour。 

Multi-brand Franchising

Eternal Asia integrates existing franchised/direct sales stores in tier 3-4 cities across China, introduce the modern retail system to small and medium-sized retailers, so as to build retail chain carriers ASAP. 


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